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Age of Ships

Desarrollador Nerlaska Studio

☆☆ Join over 10,000,000 players worldwide for the war of battleships☆☆Ready to cause some havoc in the ultimate World War 2 military warships? Age of ships is here for you!
From fast destroyers to destructive battleships, build your own fleet and lead your empire to victory! Send your fleet off to conquer enemy territories, gain experience and climb the ranks in Age of Ships. Battle against players around the world and establish legions to conquer the world!
This free-to-play mobile MMO strategy game offers you the opportunity to be the top commander in WW2 to conquer the ocean. Download to test your strategy in the world of warships now!
A network connection is also required.
FEATURES✔ Conquer the world in campaign mode✔ Build and raise your fleet of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Carriers and other ships throughout history✔ Battle other players worldwide and take their Armaments✔ Join or create Legions with other players✔ Over 200 Warships throughout history and their Armaments to collect✔ Discover your best Fleet Formation from endless combinations of weaponry, armor, engines, and more✔ Participate in the Pacific War with your faction and win unique prizes✔ Climb multiple rank systems and be the best in Age of Ships
Latest Update-Illustrated Captain handbook-New Seven Warlords multiplayer system unlocked-New Treasure Islands unlocked for soloplay“It’s very interesting! Download today!”“If you like war games, download it! Won’t let you down!”
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